Sunday, February 03, 2008

Baby quilt

I really love the Stash Basher club at The Stitchin' Post! I am using so much of my stash. Of course I have to suppliment sometimes with new purchases! I just finished my top for the next meet which is this afternoon. It is currently 2:30 in the morning for me and I have been a sewing fool for many hours now.

Hubby left this afternoon for a week at the coast. He has a conference to attend. I am left here at home with just one dog today and tomorrow I will have Kady back after a few days with my parents. I have trouble sleeping when I am alone, so it was the perfect time to do some sewing.

I fixed one of my favorite dishes for dinner. It is a recipe I got from one of the firefighters I work with. It is basically a fajita, but with a bit more "punch". Served with rice and Dr. Pepper you cannot go wrong! I was also able to watch an episode of HOUSE. I love that show! House is so obnoxious. He reminds me of, well, ME!

We are in the middle of a blizzard. We have had so many avalanches the past 2 weeks. Today the pass closed right after my hubby went through. But we have had some great sunrises and beautiful snow coming down. I really love winter.

Baby Christian is getting cuter and cuter every day! He finally hit 8 pounds yesterday! Big Boy! He will be 3 months old on the 13th. I am adding some pictures of him also. He sure does love his Pappy! Dave is so funny with him. And Christian is finally where he will smile at you when you talk to him. Just melts our hearts!

Ohhhhh, I got a new job. This is a paying job, too. I am the customer service associate for Collage Greetings. It is just 3 days a week. I still do daycare on Tuesdays and then my fire department job evenings and weekends and Thursdays. Just can never sit still!

Anyhow, need to get to bed. Thanks for stopping in!