Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some UFO's

OK, I am worse than some and not as bad as others when it comes to UFO's (Unfinished Objects) in my quilting endeavor. I have decided to attach some photos of some that I have laying and hanging around in the hopes that guilt will make me finish them. The problem is that I do not know how to machine quilt so all of my quilting is by hand. It takes me FOREVER to finish something! I am thinking that I am going to hire a longarm quilter to do these for me and I can finally have something accomplished.

I had mentioned photographing my flag quilt with the Statue of Liberty freehand quilted on it. I am in the process of packing and apparently have it packed. So I will get that pic on later when I move and re-establish my studio. But I will tell you that it is one of my favorites!!!! Plus the backing is fabric with the Seal of the United States Army. Since I am prior Army, I take a little bit of pride in that, too.

Speaking of Army, OK, so this is a side note, my oldest brother is in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan last week. His son is a Marine and currently deployed to Iraq. Please keep them in your thoughts along with their families.

OK, back to quilting... The first pic is just a scrappy 4 patch that I use (unfinished) as my tree skirt at Christmas! I do plan on finishing it as it will be easy to quilt. The second one is a Trip Around the World that I made to represent fire. It did not turn out as I wanted and maybe that is why I have not finished it? The third one is so fun. It is the result of my first "Stash Basher" assignment. I used so many UGLY fabrics and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! I love it. I am actually going to add some hot pink (my favorite color) borders and then bind it in black. It will be my snuggle quilt.

I am not going to post anymore UFO's today as I do not want to show all that I have in one shot. So, check back now and again and see what I have.

Another side-note for you. My new house is looking good! We are painting it this Saturday and it should be completed the beginning to the middle of August! Take a look at the progress on my family news site www.wheelersinor.blogspot.com

Have a great day! Quilt till you wilt!


Monday, June 05, 2006

Not much better

Well, here is my chipmunk faced (post surgical) daughter holding my quilt out in the yard. Of course the wind blew right as I was taking the picture so there is a huge shadow. Oh well. You will have to trust me that it is beautiful.

I am going to dig through my finished quilts and find one I am especially proud of. It is a patriotic one that I did right after the horrible events of September 11th. The quilt has an outline of the Statue of Liberty that I hand quilted freehand. It is really awesome if I do say so myself! So check back in a few days.

Until then...HAPPY QUILTING!!!!!


Sunday, June 04, 2006

REAL BAD pic of a beautiful quilt

This photo really does not show how beautiful this quilt turned out. I will take another photo tomorrow out in the yard as long as it is not raining!

So, this is the quilt top I made with those batik's I showed a few days ago. I started it yesterday and did not get too far before an ambulance call postponed my sewing for the night. (Remember, I am with the fire department). I sat down and sewed all afternoon and this evening and just finished it. I tacked it up on the wall in my "studio" (aka: the guest room) and snapped a pic. I think in natural light it will look much better. I will say the quilt did not turn out as I had pictured, but it is still very pretty. The variety of prints is lost in the photo.

I will go for now. I worked all morning on the new house and am pooped!

Let me know what you think!


Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Project

I belong to a group through The Stitchin' Post called Stash Bashers. Each month we are assigned a new quilt to make and we are supposed to just use fabrics from our stash. Well, I have such a hodge-podge stash that I did not have enough of "Like" fabrics. SOOOOOOO... I just had to go and get some fabrics. Ohhhhh, the sacrifices I make for quilting! I chose to make this top with Batik fabrics. I have never used them exclusively for a top before. This should be interesting. I attached a photo of the top layout. I have seen it done and it is wonderful. Measures about 59 inches by 59 inches.

Anyway, I am beat and have things to do. My middle daughter just had surgery day before yesterday so I should go and check on her.

Happy quilting. Thanks for stopping by!