Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

Well, life has thrown me some curves and I am dealing with them in my usual fashion...... eating and sewing! Whoo-Hoo!

Had totally put off the blogging for obviously WAYYYYYY too long!

I am now a divorced mother of 4 and working 2 jobs to keep my head above water! I have a wonderful new man in my life and we are working on a long lasting relationship. We are doing the whole living together thing as we have both been hurt by bad marriages.

I am starting a new venture in sewing and I will add to that statement soon. With the new venture comes a new blog site if you are interested. It is totally empty right now but I will work on that as I get things off the ground. It is here at blogspot and is called denis-designs.

I am hoping to get back into blogging and would love any comments and questions.

Love to you all!


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Post Pajama Sale!

Well, I finally got around to snapping a picture of my few purchases from yesterdays Pajama Sale. I am wanting to make a circle quilt so got a set of templates for that. Then of course I needed a small rotary cutter to go around the templates. Then a replacement blade. I also got 3 spools of thread. 2 shades of green and a large spool of cream. That's it. I was such a good girl!

Then of course I had to post a pic of the magazine I got. It is a very nicely done biography of my hero, Sarah Palin. Some of you know that I grew up in Wasilla, Alaska and knew Sarah and her family. So, you can imagine my disappointment with the recent elections. **SIGH** But I am hopeful that Barack will do a good job and not screw this country up worse than it is!

So, hopefully I will have alot of time in these coming weeks to get a BUNCH of sewing done. I have 2 tops in progress on my design wall. I need to crank these out soon!

Thanks for popping in!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pajama Sale!

Each November the Stitchin' Post hosts a Pajama Sale. You have to show up at the store at 6:30 in you pajamas to receive a 30% discount on your entire purchase. This was the first year I have participated but certainly will not be the last! What a crazy time! I got to the store at about 6:15 and got in line. Honestly, it looked like the lines in front of WallMart the day after Thanksgiving! There were women everywhere chatting and laughing in their cute jammies. There were even a few men. To the ladies the men belonged to: Way to go! You got yourselves some real winners! I decided to show some restraint and walked out spending only $31.00. But if you look at my last post you know that it is a good idea that I do not get any fabric! So, for your viewing pleasure I have attached some photos of the ladies waiting for the doors to open, the craziness in the store, and of course some of the token males! Thanks for stopping in and visiting. I promise to post a bit more frequently now that I am getting more organized...

Monday, November 03, 2008

What has gotten into me???

So I decided that I needed to organize my fabrics to help me be more productive. I have 3 large cabinets filled (stuffed actually) with fabric, patterns, books, and STUFF! I have pulled things out and am washing like a mad woman! But things are looking better and I can see what I have now. I have attached some pictures to make me more excited about finishing soon! There is a large pile of fabric on the floor to be washed. Then in one picture I was showing some funky static thing that was going on. Then an almost filled cupboard. I have more work to do but am making huge strides!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My *FEATURED QUILTER* of the year

I have decided to make a new special feature on my blog to coincide with the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. My choice of *Featured Quilter of the Year".

I have noticed the rise in numbers of our youngsters getting interested in quilt making. This has impressed me so much that this year I chose Kaitlyn Boswell, a 10 year old young lady from Sisters, as my featured quilter. Kaitlin is just adorable. She made the fantastic quilt shown with this post and that is her adorable little self standing beside it. If you look at the quilt you will notice the 16-patches. Closer inspection shows that the corners line up perfectly! Amazing! The patches that make up the "medallion" also are perfect. Kaitlyn did a magnificent job on this quilt and that is why I have chosen her as my "Featured Quilter of the Year". Good job Kaitlyn! Hopefully I will see you at next years quilt show!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Quilt Show is coming up!

Well, it is that time of year where most who live in Sisters head out of town! It is quilt show time and the highway gets shut down and driving through town is impossible. It is time for The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! The largest outdoor quilt show in the world! Visit the web site for The Stitchin' Post and get the calendar for all the events for the week leading up to the quilt show. That address is

I got a call today from a lady in California who discovered me through this blog. She was wanting to get more information on another quilt show that was in the area. The Pineneedlers Quilt Show. This is a show that is being held on July 11th from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm-ish. The show displays products of fantastic workmanship displayed in an environment that reminds you of days gone by. Some of the quilts are for sale. There also has been a "fabric salad" area where you can buy a bag of scraps for $1.00. I am not sure if it is going to be there this year or not. But there is always the ever-popular potholders for sale! The monies made from the show go to fund scholarships for kids who attended Black Butte School.

I was going to post some photos but realized that my camera is at my parents house! So we have a photoless post, but hopefully it was full of enough information to get you interested in attending this years festivities!

Thanks for popping in!

P.S. I am working the ambulance that will be posted in the middle of town. We will have free water and first aid supplies. Pop in and say HI. I would love to meet you...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baabaara's Wild and Wooly

I took a trip to one of my favorite stores today. Baabaara's Wild and Wooly. The owner, Pam, is as sweet as they come. She is always interested in what's going on with the family. She is excited to show off some new items and raves about all of the talent that shops at her store. So go visit her website. The address is or visit in person. Her soon to be **NEW** store is going to be located in the Town Square here in Sisters. Across from Allies Deli and in the old Silli Chilli's location. They will open the doors July 2nd.

Anyway, when I shopped today I just needed some wool for the core of a doll I am going to start tomorrow. It is just plain undyed wool. But I have all these wonderful other colors to "dress" the doll with. Arn't they beautiful?

I have not done very much quilting lately. It is WAY too hot to be covered with fabric.

I did finish the Jewels of Virginia quilting that was in my last post. Can you believe that my mom won the quilt in the raffle???? I was so excited. Now we just have to work out visitation for it! HAHA

So, that is about it for now. I have been so busy working that I did not have time for hardly anything. But now, I am unemployed except for some daycare here and there until Fall when I will be doing daycare 7 days a week. Yikes! Hopefully I will find time now and again to do some sewing!

Thanks for dropping in to check on me! I know some of you were thinking I had fallen off of the face of the Earth!