Monday, July 14, 2008

My *FEATURED QUILTER* of the year

I have decided to make a new special feature on my blog to coincide with the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. My choice of *Featured Quilter of the Year".

I have noticed the rise in numbers of our youngsters getting interested in quilt making. This has impressed me so much that this year I chose Kaitlyn Boswell, a 10 year old young lady from Sisters, as my featured quilter. Kaitlin is just adorable. She made the fantastic quilt shown with this post and that is her adorable little self standing beside it. If you look at the quilt you will notice the 16-patches. Closer inspection shows that the corners line up perfectly! Amazing! The patches that make up the "medallion" also are perfect. Kaitlyn did a magnificent job on this quilt and that is why I have chosen her as my "Featured Quilter of the Year". Good job Kaitlyn! Hopefully I will see you at next years quilt show!


kristarella said...

Wow, great tribute. I am proud as I was the teacher helper for this quilt class. We had 5 girls in all, and they all did a wonderful job and persevered. Wasn't it a wonderful show this year? I love your site and I am certain to visit you again and maybe see you in our local stitchin post now and again. God Bless You!

kristarellalynch said...

When you get to Salem, get off at Lancaster, you know where the Craft Warehouse is? Go out past Center st and the next one is Sunnyville (I think) Sunny something. Stay on that and the farm is on the left side. It's a U-pick or We-pick place and the berries are $1.00 a pound.
Bring sun screen and water. It was hot last week. Thanks for visiting,
I'll see ya around.

Amanda said...

Wow, that's amazing! She did a great job.