Monday, November 03, 2008

What has gotten into me???

So I decided that I needed to organize my fabrics to help me be more productive. I have 3 large cabinets filled (stuffed actually) with fabric, patterns, books, and STUFF! I have pulled things out and am washing like a mad woman! But things are looking better and I can see what I have now. I have attached some pictures to make me more excited about finishing soon! There is a large pile of fabric on the floor to be washed. Then in one picture I was showing some funky static thing that was going on. Then an almost filled cupboard. I have more work to do but am making huge strides!

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mommiemarzie said...

*snicker* What a mess! ;) I'm just jealous of all the fabric. Good luck getting it cleaned up. I know I would end up getting ideas for projects and not much would actually get organized.